A Custom Controller in One control, can let you name and design components and faders from the app accordingly. Faders and controls can then be mapped to your DAW like any other MIDI device. 

More on this below.

In ONE Controls - 'DAW' Controllers: The names of tracks will be listed in the light blue screen at the top left of the controller, you can switch banks using the bank left/right key and the names/number will change accordingly. Yet, the numbers at the bottom of the faders do not change.

In a ONE Controls - 'Custom' Controllers: You can change the name of every fader by; First create a modular controller with faders then you can go to; 

• EDIT > Press on Slider > General > Label > Make sure 'Show Label' is enabled and Rename CC number to         your personal preference.

You can also change the fader style (Aspect);

• EDIT > Press on Slider > Aspect > Styles > Other Themes > Browse through faders > Hit Select > Done.

To speed up the process you can create your favourite components and then copy and paste to other components. Please note that you have the option to paste the whole component, solely its Aspect or its Automation.