ONE INSTRUMENT: Your Sound, Unleashed

Immerse yourself in a world where creativity meets efficiency – ONE Instrument is your ultimate tool for transforming musical ideas into reality. With seamless integration, effortlessly blend your sounds, sample libraries, and virtual instruments into a unified workflow. Our advanced search function puts the exact sound you need at your fingertips, ready to load straight into your DAW. By streamlining your workflow, you have more space to focus on what truly matters: crafting your unique sound. Whether you're a seasoned producer or just starting out, ONE Instrument is designed to elevate your music production to new heights.

Unlock the full potential of your music with ONE Instrument. Experience the power of simplicity and creativity combined.

"Revolutionize your music creation with the seamless integration of synths, sounds, and libraries – all at your fingertips." – Richard Tamplenizza, Composer, Sydney



- Unified Interface: Streamline your creative process with an intuitive interface, making managing your sound patches and libraries effortless.

- Enhanced Search: Find 'emotional', 'cinematic', 'grand pianos', and more with unprecedented ease, all in one location.

- Creative Marketplace: Dive into a world of sounds across all platforms, join a vibrant community of creators, and share your discoveries.

- Sound Crafting: Design, organize, and publish your own sounds. Curate your personal sound library and showcase it to the world.

- Effortless Demos: Save phrases and configurations with ease, allowing seamless import into other production software via the plugin.



• Available as a standalone app, and in any DAW/Editing software

• Collection of all virtual instruments in one place, ONE Instrument

• Automated library scanning of all you instruments and patches

• A straightforward GUI for quick sound library selections

• Sample preview of all your instruments

• Load, add, buy and create new patches/libraries.

• Load third party virtual instruments directly in ONE Control

• Create layered sounds using multiple instruments

• Share, and sell originally created sound libraries/banks/patches

• Control/edit instrument sound parameters

• Load ONE Instrument in your own DAW 



- Music Producers

- Composers

- Sound Designers

- Audio Engineers

- Music Enthusiasts



User-Friendly Interface: Navigate with ease through your entire sound collection.

Wide Compatibility: Works as a standalone software or an AU v3 plug-in with major DAWs.

Regular Updates: Constantly evolving to support more DAWs and features.



- Apple Logic Pro

- Ableton Live

- Universal Audio LUNA

- PreSonus Studio One

- MOTU Digital Performer

- Cockos Reaper

- Reason Studios

- Sony Vegas

- Bitwig Studio

- Image Line FL Studio

- Adobe Audition